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Planner Obsessed.

Back in college and grad school, I was obsessed with my planner.  There was a Franklin Planner store in the King of Prussia mall (oh, KoP, how i miss you so...), and I would go every summer to get my refills, and then get out all my colored pens and marking up my planner for the upcoming school year.  You better believe everything was color coded.  Certain recurring things had its particular color, and any overlaps I just randomly chose what color to use.  

In case it wasn't already obvious....my OCD tendencies love paper planners.  Love them.

Then, I graduated from grad school, and didn't really feel the need for a paper planner anymore, so I slowly stopped using one. 

Last year, however, while wandering through Paper Source after Christmas, I decided to pick one up half off.  I did not realize how much I miss using a paper planner!!!  So, again this year, I picked up a planner, and have been stamping and planning to my heart's content.   I carry it everywhere with me, and am so glad I got back on this train. 

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Three of my favorite things: my planner, my nook, and coffee. Always coffee.

For next year, I will be going back to the binder style like my old Franklin Covey planner (vice the spiral bound, like my current planner), and have already been checking out the latest and greatest on the block, gearing up for my purchase for the new year.  I'm also debating on when to start my new planner - July or January.  I kinda love the July start, since it semi-coincides with the work fiscal year, so I might do that...but I'm still up in the air about it.  Something about starting a new planner before the actual new calendar year gives me something to look forward to twice a year - new fun paper in the summer, and a brand new year five months later.

Are you planner obsessed like me?  What is your favorite brand?  Do you stamp and embellish your planner to make it fun and pretty, or do you keep it simple?  Leave a comment and tell me all about your planner style!