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A Royal Christmas | Cross Stitch

So...Christmas is very rapidly approaching, and I finally, finally, decided I should maybe hang some of these cross stitch designs I've had framed, so it looks like I actually live in this house.

Bare walls kinda make it look like I'm gonna just up and leave any day.  Or maybe it's the curtain-less windows that give that effect.  And how long have I lived in this house?!

Ahem.  Moving on.

I got out my storage box that has all my various framed cross stitch pieces in it, which are very carefully wrapped so nothing happens to them during their year in seclusion.  A couple of the pieces I forgot I had.

Including her --


This is a Mirabilia design, called "Royal Holiday".  I love this piece, and cannot believe I had her hidden for almost all of the Christmas season.  For those of you who know me, I tend to change some stuff in a lot of the graphs I do -- this one I kept just as suggested.  I know I picked a lighter fabric than what the model was stitched on, but for the life of me I can't remember what color I chose.  

She will hang in my living room until the Epiphany, when I begin to take down all my Christmas decorations and wait patiently till it's appropriate to start dreaming of spring and put up all my spring/Easter cross stitch pieces and other decorations.  :-)