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Wedding Shadowbox | Scrapbooking

Hello friends!  We're bracing for yet another arctic blast here in the northeast, which I am NOT happy about.  It's bringing a snowstorm with it today, and I'm quite frankly just over it.  Yeah, I know.  It's only January.  But still.  Over it.

I hate winter.  I'm 33 going on 90 when the temps dip below 60 degrees.  My whole body just hurts.  UGH.


One good thing about hibernating during these really cold days is that I get a little more time to craft than I do when it's warmer, simply because I make it a point to be outside more often when it's warm.

My friends Angela & Joe got married in October, so it was time to use some of this hibernation to make the shadowbox from their invitation.  If you've followed me for a while, you know I've done one for my sister, my friend Danielle, my friend Jamie, and my friend Erin's sister-in-law.

It's seriously is a shame that everyone's beautiful invitations just get tossed aside after the main event, which is why I started doing this with the invitations I receive.

Plus, it's fun!


Ang's colors were black and champagne, so I got as close as I could to the champagne with bronze.  I sprayed the black background with Heidi Swapp's Color Shine in Bronzer, and used her Color Magic hearts, which I also sprayed in Bronzer.  I used my Cricut to cut out the "H" monogram, using glitter paper, and black for the shadow.  The font is from the "Tie the Knot" cartridge.

Simple, yet elegant.



Congrats, guys!  Love you both!


December Daily - Day One. Sorta. | Scrapbooking

This is the part of my December Daily album that gets tricky.  Well, at this point anyway.  

I don't have a photo fact, I don't have a printer at all (it's a long story), but have been eyeing up a Canon all-in-one on Amazon that I might just have to get for I can't just run downstairs to my office from my craft room to print pics and then run back up and put them right into my album.  So, I'll have to wait till I have about a week's worth of pics, then order them (my fav place to get exceptional quality prints is Persnickety Prints - they are AMAYYYYZING).

BUT, in the meantime, I can at least space out my pages until the pics arrive.

I decided to start the section of the album for this year with my friend Lucie's wedding from 30 November.  She and I used to work together about 8-9 years ago, and I used to tutor her daughter in Spanish when she was in high school.  Feels like a lifetime ago.

I saved the "Save the Date" card, and a few other things from the wedding day, and made them the first pages in the album.


Then, I added the pamphlet from the ceremony, 


and the menu from dinner...which was TO DIE....


The opposing page to the one with the pamphlet from the ceremony will have pics (which need to be printed....hang tight....), one of which will be this one of me and Sam (Lucie's daughter) from the reception -


 I posted this on Saturday to Instagram, and later realized something - I'm not one to post pics of myself (I feel ridic taking selfies) so people probably have NO IDEA which one is me!!!

I'm on the left, wearing my favorite color, purple.  :-)  Sam was one of the bridesmaids, and she looked gorgeous, as always.  Love that girl.


December Daily - The Beginning | Scrapbooking

I don't know how many of you stitchers also scrap, but there's this fun concept called a December Daily album, of which the intent is to document the holiday season each day.  This way, you can capture all the fun Christmas moments like baking Christmas cookies, decorating the tree, watching your favorite Christmas movie, and also documenting the ordinary things you do during the holidays.   

My first impression of this concept was that it wasn't for me.  Every album I saw on blogs was of people with their kids.

I might act like a 10-year-old sometimes, like this entire month because I'm obsessed with Christmas, and when I watch Disney movies (whatever. don't judge.  you know you love Aladdin just as much as i do. and The Lion King.  annnnnd Sleeping Beauty.  yeah that's right.), but since I don't have kids to take pics of every 30 seconds, I wasn't sold on the whole December Daily idea.

But I do fun stuff during Christmas, like go to NYC.  And downtown Philly.  And hang out with friends.  And I make stuff like, every day, but have hardly any proof of the stuff I make, because it all flies out the door almost as quick as I make it (read: my Christmas cards).  Oh, and I BAKE.  A LOT.

Bingo.  I will document ALL THAT STUFF.

So, I started gathering pics from last year, and since there weren't that many, I decided to have them in the front of my album for this year.  No harm, right?  Especially since I took some pretty cool pics last year when I was up in NYC two days in a row about two weeks before Christmas.

There really is nothing like Christmas in NYC.  The lights and decorations are outrageous.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit NYC during December, DO IT.

December Daily albums are meant to be small, so this is a SN@P album from Simple Stories (which you can find at your local Michaels with your 40% off coup), which I got in red (duh) and just got to it.


The building on the left?  Cartier.  Wrapped like a gift.  Those glowing blobs on the side & roof??  Jaguars.  I died when I saw this.  The pic on the right is Macy's.  


For this page, since my pics are all Instagram snaps cut to 3x3, and the instapockets in the page protectors are 4x4, I just took a piece of glitter paper, cut it to 6x8 (the size of this album), and stuck the pics on like a collage.   Then, I added the snowflakes.  Just 'cuz.  From top to bottom, that's Fendi, Radio City Music Hall, inside a mall in Columbus Circle, and the tree in Bryant Park.  I put those little thingies (yes, that's the technical name) on the edges to have them be on the rings like the rest of the protectors, and viola.


On this page, I took paper, cut it to 4x6 to fit the protector, then attached these lil' pics on front.  I plan on adding embellies later, but wanted to at least get these into the album.  One of the days I was in NYC last year, I went to brunch with one of my friends, and Maison is the restaurant where we ate.  The bottom pic is a restaurant in Bryant Park, which looked very cozy and warm, since it was a disgusting, drizzly, dreary day when we were there.

So, that's all I got for December from last year.  At least at the moment.  I may have some more pics hidden on my computer I can order and add later, but I'm happy I was able to start my album with these fun NYC pics!!

Do you document December?  Do you just document Christmas Eve or Christmas Day??  I'd love to hear how you do your memory keeping for the holidays!!  If you want to know more about the December Daily album concept, visit Ali Edwards' site - she's amazing.

Much love ~~~


Shadowbox Fun | Scrapbooking

Wedding invitations can be absolutely gorgeous.  We spend all this money for invitations, and then sadly, they all get tossed into the trash.

One of the things I've been doing recently for my friends is creating shadowboxes with their wedding invitation and a picture.   I've done this for my sister, my friend Danielle, and my friend Erin's brother and sister-in-law (if you remember - they're the ones who got married in a CASTLE), and they've all turned out super cool, each one unique to the recipient.

My friend, Jamie, sent out beautiful inviations in black and white, complete with ribbon.  So, I set out with a black shadowbox, and was able to adorn it with multiple colors, since each of her bridesmaids had a different color gerbera daisy bouquet. 

I chose a Core'dinations black for the base...which had pink inside.  I sanded it, and viola.


The pink came right through :-)

I took my Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays and some of her Color Magic flowers, sprayed, and stuck 'em in between the two pieces of the invitation on the one side ~~


I'm still obsessed with the gold Color Shine, btdubs.  Sprayed it all over the top of these flowers.  I'd've sprayed it all over the damn place, but I refrained.  Love that stuff so much.

On the other side, I put a picture of Jamie & Rich, plus the ribbon and monogram that held the invitation together.

The "Love you" card on top of the picture is from the Project Life Midnight Edition.  Love those PL core sets - they can be used with anything, not just PL!!

And here's the whole thing!  Yay!  I was leery of having too much negative space, but couldn't figure any embellishments that didn't make it look overdone, so I just left it.  

There you have it, folks.  Another fun shadowbox by yours truly, preserving another memory of a wonderful day.

Happy  Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!



Wedding Shower Goodies

We all spend so much time with our coworkers, so it's only right that you have some fun during the day.

In our office, we sometimes have too much fun, but when you become good friends with your coworkers, it's bound to happen.

Last week, we were able to celebrate our friends Angela & Joe's pending nuptuals (they got married this past Saturday - yay!) with a combined work bride/groom shower.  Yes, Ang & Joe both work in our office.  In fact, Joe works on my team and Ang works on my sister's team.

Ang is my baking buddy - she worked at a bakery during college, and makes crazy amazing cakes like this one that she did for another coworker's baby shower.  A.MAY.ZING.  We always seem to find ourselves chatting about opening a bakery one day.   

Oh, to dream.


My sister was in charge of most everything, but a bunch of us chipped in to help out with decorations and baking and buying gifts.

I put my Cricut to work, and made this banner for the event --


Her colors were champagne and black, so I did a cream-ish color with the black background and lettering.

As for baking, I made these little maple cakelettes ---

I didn't make these gluten free (I decided to back off the baked goods...I'd inhaled an entire orange spice pumpkin loaf earlier in the week....), but they were gone in no time, so I'm assuming they were fabulous :-)

Erin brought in these cupcakes for the event --

Wicked cute, amiright?!  

Since we were doing a combo bride/groom shower, we had to have a few things that were more manly, so my sister made these a-freaking-dorable cupcakes ---

OK!!!  And they were chocolate with some sort of Irish cream icing with beer batter or somethingorother.  I don't know.  They looked and smelled beyond delish.  

Here's the dessert table in all its glory -


There were also pumpkin oreo bites which somehow didn't make it into the picture, but they also looked devine.  I'm obsessed with pumpkin this time of year, so I was drooling all over the place when they walked into the door.  


No shower is complete without gifts!  We had a table set up with all the gifts, wrapped all nice and pretty from Bed Bath and Beyond for them both to open --

Yes, that one gift is wrapped in dish towels.  Eco friendly, and a great idea!

It was a team effort, led by my sis & Erin.  We had a great time, and Ang & Joe were extremely grateful.

Now they're in Hawaii, relaxing and drinking passion fruit smoothies.  Heavy on the rum.  And I'm totally jealous.

Ang & Joe - love you guys - I hope your honeymoon is off to a fantastic start!  Enjoy every second :-)  

Much love ~~~


I Bonded With Color Shine Last Night | Scrapbooking

Holy crap, you guys.  Holy crap.

I don't know how many of you dabble in scrapbooking, but one of my fav designers, Heidi Swapp (you may remember me being stupid excited to make this mini album from scratch using one of her tutorials), has a line of paper called Color Magic, and mists called Color Shine.  

I'm legit obsessed with the gold.  True story.  I may need an intervention.

Anyways.  The paper has this...magic...quality to it where only some of it absorbs the color of the shine that you  use.

Observe - 

Do you see that???  The color is all over the letters, except for the dots around the center.

Hello!!!!  That heart sticker?!!!??  Purple + gold = obsessed.  See how it zig-zags & the color is only on part of it??  Seriously. LOVE.

You may recognize this's the one I made from scratch using Heidi's tutorial.  I finalllyyyyyy found a use for it - I'm going to make it sorta like a SMASH book with all my Instagram shots I've taken and had printed from last  year.  {ps - for those of you looking for an awesomesauce printing company for your Instapics, Persnickety Prints is AMAZEBALLS.}

Not even kidding.  I think everything will be purple and gold.  OB.SESS.ED.


"Amazing" stamp by Kelly Purkey; "created" date stamp by Amy Tangerine

Clearly, I have more work to do, but I had to walk away from the Color Shine.  It was getting out of control.




A Few Notes | Cardmaking

I was talking to my good friend Sue R. not long ago about scrapbooking, and how that 12x12 page can be totally overwhelming.  Like, totally overwhelming.  It doesn't seem like a lot of space, but sometimes it's WAYYY too much.  This is one of the many reasons I love cardmaking - the size is less daunting, and it's easier to put a few embellies and your sentiment and be done!  

The main reason I love making cards is because it's a) something people don't really receive anymore - cards, with actual handwritten notes on the inside, and b) totally personal, coming from your heart to the person/people receiving your specially made card.

I've said in the past that all my Christmas cards that I make each year are totally unique.  Well, it's not just my Christmas cards that are unique - my thank you notes are the same way.  

With the exception of last year, when I made these --


- I always try to make each card different.

Since Christmas just passed (ok...not was 2 weeks ago....), I decided it was high time I started making my thank you notes to send out.

I won't give them all away - I haven't mailed any of them out yet - but here are  a couple of my favorites so far - 

Lovvveee that ampersand :-)

I'm not normally a fan of really bright colors, but I loved this paper & embellishment pack from Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook line.   The stamp I used on the "guest check" is from a Kelly Purkey set that I just love.  She has some of the greatest stamp designs out there.

Ohhhh I love those little flags!!!  They, along with the butterfly, are from Basic Grey's Fact & Fiction line.  The stamp sentiment is from Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous.


And lastly, on the back, this pretty little stamp from Kelly Purkey tells the recipient I handmade it just for them :-)

That wraps it up!  These smaller surface areas are much easier for this ca-ray-zy girl to handle and not be overwhelmed ("I know you can be overwhelmed....and you can be underwhelmed....but can you ever just be...whelmed??" love that movie!) by all that empty space in a 12x12 layout.  4x6 cards are much more manageable :-)

Until next time, my friends....go forth and be crafty :-)


Lil' Sis's Wedding Scrapbook

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope you've all had a wonderful week so far!!

Yesterday, I showed you all the mini-albums I made for the bridesmaids, and promised that today I'd show you the finished scrapbook I made for my sister.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a little trouble with this scrapbook, but only because the 12x12 layout size can be overwhelming and indimidating at times.  At least for me.  I've read scrapbookers' blogs where they have trouble making cards because they're too small - cards are actually my forte for that very reason.


Before I show you any of the layouts, I want to share with you the coolest thing I've discovered to date.  Now, these could have existed long before I found this gem, but I seriously almost screeched in Michael's when I saw this.

I know what you're all thinking right now - "Jack.  Seriously.  WTF.  It looks like cardboard.  Congratulations, you found the most boring album covered in brown paper bag."

Au contraire, my good friends.  This album is made with KRAFT PAPER as the cover.  Do you know what you can DO with kraft paper??????  ANYTHING YOU FRIGGIN WANT.

You can stamp it.  You can spray it.  You can ink it.  You can PAPER MACHE it.  ANYTHING.

And......BOOM goes the dynamite.

Seriously.  Could not contain my excitement for making not only a super-awesome scrapbook for my sister, but making the actual album just as awesome and personal!!!!!!

I had so many ideas, actually, that I overwhelmed myself and had to wait a day or two before I started working on it.  The idea came to me in the shower, when I was still half asleep (don't our best ideas come at the strangest times???), and trying not to get face wash in my eye. 

Vintage paper.  That's what I was going to use.  So, armed with my bottle of Mod Podge, I went to work.

Ahhhhh!!!!!  So cool & fun to do!!! Above is the WIP...

.....and that one is the finished front cover.

This is the spine...

...and this is the back cover...


The paper looks a little wrinkly in this picture, but I took it before the Mod Podge dried, and I assure you, it dried perfectly smooth & totally awesome.

Ok.  So now...for the inside pages.   Again, I'm not gonna show you every single page I did, but I'll give you a good sampling of the fun :-)

This is the front page on the inside.  I saved my "Save the Date" that Rachel sent to me, took it apart, and put the pieces on this page.  Then, I got out my trusty Cricut & cut out the "Celebrate" that I put at the bottom of the page.  This layout is a perfect example of how I just had to accept & embrace negative space.  It friggin killed me, but I did it.  The paper was just too pretty & elegant to clutter it up with too many embellishments for the first thing you see when you open the album.

I cropped these pics & had them printed as squares - how cute did they turn out!!! Here again I used my Cricut for the "Shower" tag to pull all the yellow from the border print behind the pics.  :-)

....And this is when we got the party started.  Woop woop!!!!  This was the front page of the section for the bachelorette.  Obvi.  We went to the Phillies game & had a room reserved for a pre-game partaaaay & drinkies.  It was great!!!!  I even saved my ticket for Bean so she'd have proof we were in the Hall of Fame Club for her festivities ;-)

More bachelorette fun at the bar after the game!

Remember the shadowbox I made with the wedding invitation?  Well, I saved the invitation Beanie sent out for the rehearsal dinner, but instead of making it into another shadowbox, I used it as the divider to start that section.  Boom.

Candid shots from the church for the rehearsal.

After the ceremony, all in the limo, ready to get our drink on!!!  Woooo!!

That wraps it up, folks!  I hope you enjoyed the books I made for the other girls & for my sis.  I think they turned out great!  Believe it or not, there is only one remaining thing that I have to show you from the wedding -- the stitched piece I'm working on for Bean's wedding gift.  It's 95% complete, and like I said before, once it's in her hands, you'll see a post here about it, since I want her to be the first to see it before everyone else.  

I hope you all have a fantastic fall day!  Go forth & be crafty & do something creative!!

Much love ~~~


The albums are done! | Scrapbooking

Hello everyone!  I've been saying all last week that I'd make a post for the albums that I finished for all the bridesmaids and my sister.  Well...I finally had more than 30 seconds at one time to sit down, compile the pics I took to share with you, and write this post.

This will be a picture-heavy post, so bear with me if it takes a while to load.  I wanted the girls to have scrapbooks of the candid pics that were taken throughout the spring leading up to my sister's wedding, and not just have the formal pics that the photographer took the day of.  So, I took a bunch of pics that I took and that Hay took, and made these gems for all the girls --



These are the front covers for the three books for the bridesmaids.  Mine is "in progress."  You all know that means I'll get around to doing mine...sometime...soon....hopefully.  The most important thing to me was getting the albums done for the other girls and my sister before too much time passed from the wedding.  Since the wedding was in June, I'd say I made pretty good time putting all them together ;-)

I took these pics before I punched the holes for the binder rings, but I had Hay's & Maggie's flip from the top, and Erin's flips from the side.

They're all 6x6 in size.  I figured this would be the easiest for the bridesmaids' albums, since there were a lot of pictures, but not so many for each of them that necessitated an entire 12x12 format book.  Too much.

Also, while putting these together, then Rachel's, I discovered that I'm much better with scrapbooking on a smaller scale.  Sometimes that 12x12 layout size just is so....intimidating.  I had to embrace negative space, and realize that embellishments don't have to fill every last square inch.  It's so much easier to accept some empty space when it's smaller and doesn't seem overwhelmingly empty.  Does that make sense? 

Here are some snippy snaps of the insides of the bridesmaids' minis --

It's a little tough to tell, but since I was doing these in a 6x6 layout size, and I wanted to use a lot of the pictures in all the albums, I had them printed as wallet size.  All the pics on these two pages are 2x3in, so I was able to get a lot of pics in a small amount of space.  :-)

In addition to the 6x6 layout size, I also used some sizes that fit just the pic - I tried to use up some of the mat packs I had laying around, backed the pics, and then stuck them in the book.  That little guy in the middle there is a journaling tag that was the perfectamundo size for the little wallet I had leftover and couldn't figure out just where to put it.  {{lightbulb}} Phototag!!!!

Also.  Please disregard the piles of CRAP all over my project table.  I work in organized chaos.

You're over it.




That's right.  We were ninjas.  Bring it.


That's it, peeps!!  Didn't they turn out super cute?!?!

Obviously, these are not all the pics I scrapped for the girls, but I gave you a pretty good sample, I think :-)

Tomorrow, you'll get to see my sister's giant 12x12 album that I made for her....and I did something special with the actual album.  I hope you'll come back tomorrow to see how Rachel's scrapbook turned out!!!!!

Go forth and do something crafty on this lovely October day!!!

Much love ~~~~


Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Good Golly Miss Molly.  I had NO idea how much time had passed since my last post until just now when I sat down to write this one.


Since I post to Instagram so often, I think I forget that I'm not actually creating posts here, even though I'm creating a photo diary of what I'm up to.

And it's been crazy, let me tell you.

I took a little time off from work, now that the insanity has died down, and was able to get a few things accomplished.  Not as much as I wanted (nor near as much as I had planned out in my imaginary planner), but I was able to get a few important things done.

Number 1: I FINALLY got myself a dining room table & chairs.  It's about GD time, right?!  I decided just to bite the bullet and get the table I wanted.  No one wants to spend that much money at one time, but, let's be serious, it's been over a year since I moved into this house, and I have yet to be able to eat a meal properly.  Or invite people over. Now I just have to wait for it to be delivered and I'm golden!  (Wait.  Maybe I should have kept my dining room people are going to want to visit me......)  

Number 2: I was able to finish the bridesmaid's mini-albums to give to the girls from my sister's wedding!!  Woop woop!  I can't wait to give them out, since they're each unique (they all have some pictures that are the same, but many are different and specific to that person) and relive that great day with them all!

This is a pic I posted to Instagram which has a sampling of the pics & pages I put into the second album.  Fun, right???  I had such a blast putting these together!

Number 3:  Since I finally finished the mini-albums, I was able to start on the big album that I'm making for my sister, which includes all of the pics that I used for each of the girls.  To clarify - each girl got some pics that are the same for all; then each girl got pics that are specific to her that the others didn't get.  Example: there's a pic of Mags & Hay that each of them have, but I don't, nor does E, but my sister does.  Make sense?!  Good.

And then there are specific pics of my sis at the shower, that none of us have.  We love you, Bean, but I don't need 900 pics of you opening your gifts.  Nor do the rest of the girls.  Nor do you, quite frankly, but I did give you some.... ;-)

Number 4:  I've done some serious stitching.  Like, serious stitching.  I finished these 4 little fun ornaments ---


graph from Blue Ribbon Designs

graph from Blue Ribbon Designs

graph from Blue Ribbon Designs

graph from Blue Ribbon Designs

Now I just have to do the finish work on them & hang them on my feather tree!! Yay!  All of these were stitched on 32 count Echo from Picture This Plus.  Echo, next to Haunted, is one of my FAVORITE fabrics to work with for Halloween pieces.  It's AWESOME.

I also started this fun piece -


The Town of Halloween by Primitive Hare


This is a super fun graph by Primitive Hare, and it's from the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch.  It only has 2 colors -- black and a greenish-grey -- so it's easy and a quick stitch!  Love!

And lastly...
Number 5: I got out my Halloween decorations.  For some reason, I thought I had way more than I actually do, but that's ok.  All the more reason for me to hit the sales on 1 November so I have more stuff for next year ;-)


my mantle ;-)


I have two really fun Jim Shore pieces, seen on both ends, and some garland to go with my absolute all-time favorite fall candle -----




And that's all she wrote!!!!  I seriously don't know how this week flew by so quickly.  I guess all that stitching and scrapbooking took up more time than I thought!!

I hope you all have a wonderfully crafty fall weekend!  Do something creative this weekend!!! :-)

Much love ~~~~