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Refinishing Part II

So...I don't know how many of you remember...but way back in October, I started refinishing my grandmother's secretary.  It's a really cool piece, but I just didn't see any use for it anymore, so I actually tried to sell it at my mom's yard sale last year.  No bites.  So, I dragged it back home, and it sat in my garage for three months before I decided to refinish/repurpose it.  My friend, Sue R., does this all the time, and she definitely inspired me to give new life to this piece of furniture.


My previous post about this project shows more pics of the process.


Cool, huh?!  This is the front of the desk, waxed and ready.  I wasn't sure how I felt about the black wax, but it grew on me.  It definitely brings out the grains in the wood, and gives it a very different look.

I gave myself three days to complete this project.  Three.  However, that turned out to be a very ambitious goal for this girl.  I got the entire thing done........except for the drawers.

I was so close!!  The entire piece was painted.....the biggest pieces waxed......but the drawers....they weren't done until this past weekend.


Eight months after I'd started this project.

Hey, at least I finished it!  Do you know how many unfinished cross stitch pieces I have laying around this house?!  I lost count, quite frankly.

I apologize these pics are so dark, but there's not much natural light in the room I put it in, so it was tough to get some good shots.

 Already stuffed to the brim with fabric!  It's got a new lease on life!  My fabric stash hides out here now, instead of piled in bins on the floor.  That's the best part about choosing to use this secretary to hold my fabric stash up top - I can see all my fabric now!


Love how the black wax really picks up the wood grain on the front of these drawers and on the sides of the base.  So cool.


Seriously.  Cool.

Again, I apologize these pics are dark, but the back of my house doesn't get much light, and the walls are a real dark grey, so that makes it tough to get some brighter shots.  The flash on my camera didn't help - it just looked all shiny and stuff, since the flash ended up gleaming off the wax finish.

Have you guys ever tried repurposing a piece of furniture?  What did you refinish/repurpose? 

Much Love ~~~~