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Recently, I picked up the (long overdue) baby gift that I've been working on, which is turning out beautifully, it's just a little more...time consuming...than I anticipated when I chose this pattern.

I posted a while ago my progress to date, and I'm finally almost done the last letter of the name.

I actually had to put it down for a while, because I had gotten about halfway done the letter, and realized one of the script letters at the top was ONE STITCH OFF, and I had to go back and rip EVERYTHING out in order to finish.

Because of the way the script letters are all intertwined, there was no way I could just fudge it and move on.  Nope.  It all had to come out.  

Have you ever ripped out about 15 hours of work on 40 count fabric???  I don't recommend it.


Here's the last letter, almost totally finished.


The scroll frame has the fabric a little ripply here at the end, but here's the "N" in all her glory.

I love that lil' nightcap ;-)

Happy Sunday, my friends!  

Much love ~~~