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May the Joyous Season Begin! And the giveaway winner...



If it wasn't already obvious by my screaming at you like Will Ferrell in "Elf" ("SANTA!!!!  I KNOW HIM!!!"), I LOVE CHRISTMAS.   I live for it every year.  OMG.  I love it.

There is nothing quite like seeing this each Christmas season ~~


For those of you not familiar with this light extravaganza, this is from the light show in the old Wanamaker's building, which is now Macy's.  I took this on Friday when I was downtown, and this is at the end of the show, when all the lights are on at the same time.  The entire show is set to Christmas music, and narrated by one of my all-time favorite people ever, Julie Andrews.  The original recording was done by John Facenda.  The lights are covering up the pipes of the pipe organ in the building, which is the largest pipe organ in the world.  The end of the show features the organist playing Christmas music, and it's all just so magical and wonderful.  I love it all. 

And more from Wanamakers...I mean, Macy's....



Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.


Love.  it.  all.

I hope you're all getting into the holiday spirit!!!

Before I announce the winner (which was chosen at random), I must tell you - I LOVED reading all of your comments.  Loved every one.  I've actually gone back and read them again a few times.  The stitching community is so full of wonderful, giving people, and it's obvious in the comments left on the post.  I love all my readers, old and new :-)

Now, without further ado, I announce the giveaway winner from my Pay it Forward giveaway.  

The winner is ~~~~

sew~amy said...

HI Jacki, I'm stitching on my first piece of 40 count right now (Mary's Sampler). I love working with the higher count linen. I am grateful for so many things, my family, friends, my job, my health. I'm grateful that my husband has a hobby so I have time to do my hobby... stitching. I would use the fabric for the pile of patterns I have yet to stitch. :)

Please email me your address, and I'll get your package in the mail asap.

Thank you all SO MUCH for participating in my giveaway!!  

Stay tuned for Christmas shenanigans - I'm doing a December Daily album this year, so I hope to keep you updated on the planning & scrapping of the Christmas craziness!! That of course requires me to actually reign in my ADD to sit and write a post about all that insanity, but that's neither here nor there......

Much love ~~~