December Daily - The Beginning | Scrapbooking

December Daily - Day One. Sorta. | Scrapbooking

This is the part of my December Daily album that gets tricky.  Well, at this point anyway.  

I don't have a photo fact, I don't have a printer at all (it's a long story), but have been eyeing up a Canon all-in-one on Amazon that I might just have to get for I can't just run downstairs to my office from my craft room to print pics and then run back up and put them right into my album.  So, I'll have to wait till I have about a week's worth of pics, then order them (my fav place to get exceptional quality prints is Persnickety Prints - they are AMAYYYYZING).

BUT, in the meantime, I can at least space out my pages until the pics arrive.

I decided to start the section of the album for this year with my friend Lucie's wedding from 30 November.  She and I used to work together about 8-9 years ago, and I used to tutor her daughter in Spanish when she was in high school.  Feels like a lifetime ago.

I saved the "Save the Date" card, and a few other things from the wedding day, and made them the first pages in the album.


Then, I added the pamphlet from the ceremony, 


and the menu from dinner...which was TO DIE....


The opposing page to the one with the pamphlet from the ceremony will have pics (which need to be printed....hang tight....), one of which will be this one of me and Sam (Lucie's daughter) from the reception -


 I posted this on Saturday to Instagram, and later realized something - I'm not one to post pics of myself (I feel ridic taking selfies) so people probably have NO IDEA which one is me!!!

I'm on the left, wearing my favorite color, purple.  :-)  Sam was one of the bridesmaids, and she looked gorgeous, as always.  Love that girl.