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OMG. Shoes.

So, There Was This Wedding... | Cross Stitch

It was my little sister's, and she looked beautiful.

Naturally, I had to stitch something that fully captured her on this day, which was no easy task.

I was able to find a pattern, and made some changes so it was more personal; more....her.

Full wedding gift shot
This is a Lavender and Lace pattern called "The Wedding".  If you click the link, you'll see an obvious change I made to the original graph - I took out the flower girl.  My sis didn't have a flower girl, so I didn't really see the point in having her there...plus...she kinda creeped me out back there.  Just sayin'.  Also, I took out the veil, since my sis didn't wear one.  Andddd....it looked like ribbon dancers (who else remembers them?!!!?) exploded from her hair.  No thanks.

Here's a quick close-up of the frame -

Corner close up wedding gift
Love the detail on this frame - it's not too much, but just enough to accent the piece.

For my version of this gorgeous piece, I changed the color of the flowers to yellow, since the color of the flowers in our bouquets was yellow (as were our shoes...hottttt....), and I changed the ribbons to grey, since our bridesmaids' dresses were pewter.

I quickly became obsessed with the folds in the dress....they look so fluffy and fun :-)  And the beads on the bottom give the illusion of lace along the bottom edge.


A close-up of the bride and groom....


Like with the flowers on the dress and the bouquet in the bride's hand, I changed the color of the flowers pouring out of the "U" in the wording at the top.  I changed the gold thread from the DMC called for in the pattern to a Kreinik.  I hate Kreinik threads with a firey passion, but sometimes, there's just no way around it - you have to stitch with them to create the look.

I wanted this to be perfect, so there was a lot of ripping out & doing over, but I think it turned out just how I envisioned.  Simple, elegant, and classic.  

And the bride is in a poofy dress...just like Cinderella would wear...and I'm sure that's exactly how my lil sis felt that day - just like a princess :-)

So, there ya have it, folks.  The long-awaited lil' sis wedding gift!  It was torture not being able to show WIPs to you all, but I do hope it was worth the wait !!


Much love ~~~