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I Bonded With Color Shine Last Night | Scrapbooking

Holy crap, you guys.  Holy crap.

I don't know how many of you dabble in scrapbooking, but one of my fav designers, Heidi Swapp (you may remember me being stupid excited to make this mini album from scratch using one of her tutorials), has a line of paper called Color Magic, and mists called Color Shine.  

I'm legit obsessed with the gold.  True story.  I may need an intervention.

Anyways.  The paper has this...magic...quality to it where only some of it absorbs the color of the shine that you  use.

Observe - 

Do you see that???  The color is all over the letters, except for the dots around the center.

Hello!!!!  That heart sticker?!!!??  Purple + gold = obsessed.  See how it zig-zags & the color is only on part of it??  Seriously. LOVE.

You may recognize this album....it's the one I made from scratch using Heidi's tutorial.  I finalllyyyyyy found a use for it - I'm going to make it sorta like a SMASH book with all my Instagram shots I've taken and had printed from last  year.  {ps - for those of you looking for an awesomesauce printing company for your Instapics, Persnickety Prints is AMAZEBALLS.}

Not even kidding.  I think everything will be purple and gold.  OB.SESS.ED.


"Amazing" stamp by Kelly Purkey; "created" date stamp by Amy Tangerine

Clearly, I have more work to do, but I had to walk away from the Color Shine.  It was getting out of control.