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A Shadowbox Feature

These shadowboxes are seriously becoming one of my favorite things to do.  It's such a quick and easy way (well....quick once your creative juices vibe with your brain so you can actually finish your project. i all but threw piles of paper in the air in disgust one night because i just couldn't get this to jive right.) to preserve a specific memory.  

Whether it's a wedding invitation, like I've done here and in the past for my sister and my friend, Danielle, or it's a baby announcement, a graduation announcement, whatever!  The possibilities for this type of project are endless.

This shadowbox is one I was asked to do by my friend, Erin, for her brother and sister-in-law to celebrate their first year anniversary.  (and....I hope they don't mind having their pic plastered all over my bliggity blog here......;-) )

First off, they got married in Ireland.  Ireland.  If that wasn't cool enough, they got married in a CASTLE.  A CASTLE, PEOPLE.  Castle.  I would die.

So, when I found out Erin's mom saved the brochure from the castle, I knew I had to incorporate at least one picture in the shadowbox somehow.

Recap:  CASTLE.



The hardest part about this was trying to figure out how to embellish the empty space without detracting from the pictures and the invitation.   For the other shadowboxes I've done, I only incorporated one picture along with the wedding invitation.  This required more coordination, which I think is why I almost lit the entire thing on fire one night.  Good thing I didn't.

A castle.

The gorgeous bride and her groom.

Seriously, peeps.  How amazeballs is this?!  The castle is in the background and is just AWESOME.  The top pic is one I took from the brochure Erin's mom had saved.

I ultimately ended up deciding that the best way to embellish was to get out my trusty Cricut, and do a huge cut-out to serve as part of the background (see that blue flourish? that was the color of the bridesmaids's dresses), yet wasn't just a block of color.  

The paper underneath with all the old script was something I'd found in my stash and decided it was a must for this project, since there's a centuries-old castle in the background.  The key element serves the same purpose as the old script patterned paper - it goes along with the vintage feel of the pictures.

A castle.  For serious.

That's all the crafty I have for you today, peeps.  I'm lost in this castle (can you tell i'm slightly obsessed with it?!), and the history around it.  You know, the whole knight in shining armour deal.  The moat (every castle has a moat), the damsel in distress.  All that.

Moving on.

Go forth and be crafty on this glorious fall day!  Let your creativity flow as we rapidly approach the holidays (seriously - Halloween will be here, like, tomorrow...then Thanksgiving, then CHRISTMAS.....i LOVE this time of year :-) )!

Much love ~~~


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