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A Look Back

This picture frame was photobombed....

So.  Peeps.  IT'S BEEN FOREVERANDADAY.  How the heckfire are allayas?????  I did not realize it was SO LONG since I posted!  Holy crap.  It's been since my road trip.  (Did you read about my road trip???  Go find out what I did!!)  Unacceptable.

Ok.  So.  The picture frame that I just made.  Ah-may-zing.  Picture frames are my new favorite things to make.  They're so super easy, especially with my craft room staple, Mod Podge.  Since I'm still on my lil' sis wedding crafting kick, this frame fits right in with everything I've made so far :-)

What do you need to make such an easy thing like this?  Simple.  A $1 unfinished frame from Michaels, coordinating scrapbook paper,  Mod Podge, and any matching embellishments and/or stamps that you want to finish it!

Easy peasy!

To start - measure the length & width of the frame sides, so you know how wide & long to cut the scrapbook paper you've chosen for this project.  Glue the paper to the frame using the Mod Podge, and trim any excess that hangs over the edges. 

frame prepped with paper!

I chose Core'dinations paper for the yellow sides, and a piece of chevron patterned paper from Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook line.  I think these two complimented the other things I've done to match my sister's color scheme of yellow & grey quite nicely.  The Core'dinations paper is BANGIN'.  You can rip it or sand it & the core (hence, CORE'dinations. ha.) shows through.  With some of the papers, the core is actually a different shade of the outer color.  This one, however, was just a cream.  I decided to sand it so that it had a rougher look to it; I sanded the chevron paper just a smidge, too.  I didn't want to go to heavy-handed on the chevron paper because it isn't as sturdy as the yellow.  Lovvve how it turned out!

I knew this frame was gonna need a little.....attitude.....thanks to the sanding I did, so I grabbed some stamps, a piece of Bella Blvd printed paper, and went to work.  I stamped the sides with two of the little stamps I have in my British-themed stamp set that I used for sis's gift list book, which I think are perfectamundo.  Then, I fussy-cut the flowers from that sheet of Bella Blvd paper (forgive me, I forget which line it's from - I cut off the edge that had that info on it. sigh.)

What happens when you have all these embellies for your frame?  This!! ----



Alright, the frame itself wasn't actually photobombed.....but the picture I used for this post sure as hell was. HA!  I forgot to mention, once you have the paper set, and you've stamped (or not) what you want, put another thin layer of Mod Podge overtop, so it seals the paper.

The sides needed a little something, too, so I took one of the patterned yellow ribbons I bought for the various crafty wedding things I've been doing, and glued it to the frame using my other favorite craft room staple, Glossy Accents.


ribbon edges! brilliant!

Note - I gave a little height to a few of the fussy-cut flowers to add dimension & interest to the front of the frame.  I didn't want it all to be flat.  No one likes flat.  Boring.

All done! Nothin to it! This is a quick and easy project - definitely something you can do on a rainy day or on a weekend and you need a little something special to give as a gift, or to spruce up your workspace or walls, or anywhere!

Now.....if you've made it this far, you've also realized that I got an entirely new BLOG DESIGN.  OMG.  I love you all for following me, despite the fact that my blog was in a sad state of design affairs.  I have the lovely Natasha to thank over at paper crowns designs.  She was absolutely wonderful to work with, and she has her very own beautiful blog.  Go check her out - she takes wonderful pictures.  If you want to redesign your own blog, I highly recommend her :-)  She does blog elements or the entire package if you're in the market for any or all of those things.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, because I know I've been posting sneaks on Instagram (if you don't follow me on Instagram or twitter, please do - i post many pics there with more frequency than i do here, and i post there more often in general), but I do have something VERY special in mind to celebrate this new design.  Please be patient with me,'s a rough time at work, so I have sparse time to craft, which is very sad indeed....I hope to have something new to share with you all by the beginning of next week.

Until then (or hopefully sooner!!), go forth and be creative :-)

Much love ~~~