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"Skeleton Crew" Update!!!

You guys you guys you guys!!!!!  GUESS THE FRIG WHAT!!!
I'm featured in  The Strawberry Sampler's newsletter for Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!
They're having a sale for Friday the 13th -- all Halloween stuff is 20% off from midnight to midnight today only.  
Now, how do I fit into all this crazy??
Remember this piece???
"Skeleton Crew" by Cricket Collection
 Well.........I took it to TSS to get framed, and it's done!!  It's all framed and done!  The framed piece can be seen HERE on their website!  And guess what else!!  If you go to their site to purchase the graph, you can check the block that says you want my color changes!!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!??!!!   The fabric they have listed - Haunted by Picture This Plus - is the fabric I used!!!
If any of you loyal followers live in the Philly/Delaware County area and want to see it live and in living color, head on down to the shop - it's on loan with those lovely ladies until I bribe them with treats so Beth will let go of it head down there and pick it up in time to hang it in my living room for Halloween :-)
I LOVE YOU LADIES!!!  Thank you SO much for having my piece so prominent in your newsletter!!