Peeps!!  I'm back!  The wedding was a super amazing fun time, and I'm waiting for people to start posting pics from the event b/c I took a total of 3 pictures the entire day.  That's it.  I don't even have one of myself other than a snapshot of my hair.  So, be patient...I will post some awesome pics from the wedding as soon as I can get my hands on them!
In the meantime, I spent some time in my craft room last week for a little down time, and thought I'd make something simple yet amazing to hang on one of my very bare walls in this house.
This is so simple, cheap, and looks professional when you're done.  Not even kidding.
You know all those great cards you see in the card store or bookstore and think to yourself, "dang. that's a pretty awesome pic on the front of that card. i should get that, but i have no one to send a card to."
Ahem.  Who says you need to send the card?  Take the card and frame it!
Ok.  So...I saw this square card down the shore when I was shopping on Asbury, and I really liked the saying on the front.  So, I bought it.  Envelope and all.  I didn't intend to send it, but I did intend to do something with it.  At the time, however, I wasn't quite sure what.
Enter vintage ephemera and a shadowbox.
Awesome, amiright???  
This is SO easy.  Promise.  Ok - so you can see the front of the card.  I just cut off the back, and glued that sucker to the paper.  First, however, I took two different patterned paper and put them as a background, if you will, on the main piece that was the overall background.  With me so far?  Good.
Then, I just took two key elements from K&Company (they came as part of a bigger set, which I got 50% off at Joann Fabric), and placed them around the card image.  I glued them down with Glossy Accents (this stuff ROCKS. if you don't have it, GET IT.), and voila!  Vintage appeal!  You can also see the text better in this pic, which is the whole reason I bought this card.  The back said that this was hung in the children's home in Calcutta, where Mother Theresa spent her time with the poor.
The last little element was something I found by accident.  I was searching through my sticker stash when I found this little gem, and HAD to put it in the bottom left.  It was just perfect all around....
So there you have it, folks!  A simple, yet elegant framed piece that  you can do in seriously less than an hour, have it framed and ready in about two (gotta leave time for the glue to dry ;-))!!!'s so cheap!  This cost less to make than many pieces cost to buy in the stores! Use those coups you get in the mail, and you can make stuff like this to add personal touches to your favorite rooms in your house!!
That's all for today, kids!!  Until next time.....DO SOMETHING CREATIVE TODAY!!!! :-D
Much love ~~~~
J :-)