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Pretty in Pink

Remember this post?  Where I took Danielle's wedding invitation and scrapped it?  Well, I fiiiiinally got the picture I wanted to put in the "place holder" (i blame pure laziness and indecisiveness for this taking me forfreakingever), and last night, put down my needle & thread for a hot minute so I could finish this for her.  Before, ya know, she and hubs celebrate 1 year already.  You laugh.  That date will be here sooner than you think.
Anyways.  When I was in Joann fabric with one of my super spectacular 40% off coups, I saw the 12x12 shadow boxes and thought, YES.  Perfectamundo.
HOW.CUTE.IS.THIS.  OMG.  I apologize that the pink does not stab you in your eyeball with its hot pinkness, but trust a girl.  It's like whoa pink.  I had to turn the flash off because otherwise this would be just one big white glare.  That, is not cute.  No.
And.  hello.  Danielle's pink shoes & hubbie's pink socks?  ADORBS.  love.
Now...for some close-ups of the various pieces in this big collage.....
Do you see that up in the top right-hand corner??  That's the wax seal that was on the envelope of the invitation.  I took that baby right off, saved it, and glued it to that cute little polka dot piece of paper and stuck it up there in the corner.  Adorbs.
And flowers in the bottom left.  Boom.
I think this whole project turned out pretty daggone amazeballs.  I do so wish I was able to capture the true hot pinkness of this project, but the glare and horribly terrible lighting in my old house were very unhelpful in this situation.  Booooo.  Oh well.  One of these days I'll be able to hire an actual photographer to take pics for my super-famous bliggity blog.  Until that day when I'm totally rich and famous, you'll have to deal with my amateur photo hour.  And you're over it already because you love me :-)
That's it for today, kids.  I hope you have a fanfreakingtastic Tuesday, and get busy with your creative juices and MAKE SOMETHING TODAY!!!!!!!
Much love ~~~~
J :-)