Is that a notebook? A keepsake? Whaaaat?
Just one more thing for the shower stuffs

Last but not least....the favors!!!

Let's be honest.  Favors either get tossed when people leave a shower, or they get tossed.  I'm relatively certain I don't have one single favor from any of the showers I've been to.  Zip.  
Keeping this in mind when I was trying to figure out what to have for Sis's shower, I decided the favors needed to be something cute and memorable, but not something that sits around and collects dust.  Or ends up in the trash.
Let's start with chocolate.  There are very few people out there who don't like chocolate, and we'll call them freaks of nature.  Clearly, chocolate is a fantastic reward for sitting through a bridal shower.  M&Ms has a separate site where you can make custom m&m favors for whatever your special event is.  You can either buy them in bulk and package them yourself, or have them pre-packaged for your affair.  Since I was already making a bazillion other things for the shower (see all the posts this week), the option to have them pre-packaged was quite appealing.
So, I went through all the steps on the site, picking the colors (yellow, grey, and white, of course), the design and the sayings I wanted to be on the candies.  I chose wedding bells, Sis & her fiance's names, and a "Thank you!" for the three designs/phrases I could have.  Then, I picked the packaging, which was a simple little bag with a yellow ribbon.
But...just having a little baggie with m&ms is clearly not enough and I had to outdo myself.  Again.
Reaching into the recesses of my brain for another idea, I remembered one of my friends, as her wedding favor on the tables at the reception, had little matchbooks which were printed with their names and the date.  Inside, instead of matches, there was a packet of wildflower seeds with instructions to "plant seeds of love."  Corny, cheesy, and PERFECT for a shower!!!  Here is something people can have growing in either their gardens or in a pot indoors, and they'll think of the shower they were at. 
My idea, however, was to get the paper that has the seeds in it, in order to make it even more awesome.  Finding it might be a problem.
That is, until I walked into my local Paper Source and found this --
It could not have been more perfect.  Then I picked up some glassine envelopes to stash them in, so I could tie them with another yellow ribbon to the already packaged and perfect m&ms.  Of course, I decided I needed to take a pic after I opened the package already, so I had to hold it together for this shot.  Whoops.  On the back of the label, there were instructions on how to properly plant these paper seed hearts.  I took the instructions, and hand-wrote them on a square piece of white paper.
The handwriting is what took the longest out of everything that I did.  
Then, I found a square background stamp, used my yellow ink, and stamped the image on the front of the envelope.  I took clear embossing powder, and embossed the envelope to give it a little dimension and shine. 
After all that, this is the finished product --
It's kinda tough to see the embossing, but it jumps off the envelope with the white paper background on the inside.  I used a super skinny yellow ribbon to tie the envelope to the bag of m&ms, so it didn't need a giant hole in the envelope, and so it didn't cause too much ribbon madness in conjunction with the ribbon already in place on the bag o' m&ms.
And here they are proudly displayed at the shower!  The other two baskets have fun printed napkins that my aunt and grandmom contributed to the table.
So.....that's it!!  That concludes everything I made for Sis's shower this past Sunday!  I hope you enjoyed seeing all the different things I've been making in my craft room which have been stealing all of my cross stitch time.  I also hope that I've given you a few good ideas to take away (I know my timer giveaway idea seemed to be a huge hit!) and use for a bridal/baby shower you are hosting or helping to host!  If you do use one of my ideas, please come back and share it!!  I would love to hear how you used what I did, or tweaked it this way or that way so that it was more customized for your event. :-)
I was finally able to pick up a needle and thread last night, and it felt so good. good.  To the point where I need to see my gals today at my LNS and get my cross stitch fix.  I think it'll be a while before I post anything scrapbook or cardmaking related, so I hope my stitch followers are anxious to see what I have been able to work on in little spurts.  I will remind you, however, that one BIG project is taking up a lot of my time, but I can't share it until it's framed and given to the recipient.  I don't want any spoilers here.
Ok - I really gotta get outta here and get some cross stitch stuffs.  I wish you all a wonderfully creative day, and I'll catch you up on my stitching here in a couple days!!
Much love ~~~