Avoiding awkward bridal shower moments.
Last but not least....the favors!!!

Is that a notebook? A keepsake? Whaaaat?

Everyone knows it's the maid of honor's job to write down all the fabulous things the bride-to-be got at her shower.  Usually, this is done on a piece of torn-out paper from a notebook with wide spacing.
We need to sidetrack here for a second.  Why, WHY does any paper company feel the need to make wide-spaced paper??  I mean, you might as well shove a dotted line between those two solid ones and just make it penmanship practice paper for elementary school kids.  If you write anything on that paper, it's huge, since we all feel compelled to write our letters bigger in the space provided, because the solid lines give us the boundaries, if you will.  This is only appropriate if you're writing on posterboard for a presentation on the Ancient Egyptians in Art History class.
College ruled paper should be the only thing sold.  Period.  There should be no other options.
Moving on.
So a bridal shower is supposed to be filled with all of these lovely, wonderful things that give you lasting memories of everything leading up to your special day.  Then you get this piece of paper with your gifts scrawled all over it, and it looks a hot shabby mess.
My cousin had the idea of using something a little nicer than a piece of paper or just a plain notebook; something that would end up being more of a keepsake.  
Enter the "gift list book".  Taking the above idea, I naturally took it one step farther and made the book.  
I started with two pieces of chipboard about 4x5.5".  I cut a black piece of paper big enough to make the spine, and extend over onto the board just enough to give it stability.
This is the outside of the book.  You can see where I scored the black paper so the spine would bend easily after I glue everything together.
This is the inside -- I had to leave enough room to fit the pages & glue inside, but not so big that the binding glue would end up all over the place.
Next, I took cream and grey colored plain paper (can you tell Sis's colors are yellow & grey???), and cut them to fit the book.  Then, I stamped a cute flower stamp on the corners of the pages to give them a little bit of oomph.  I had 3 different stamps that I used, but I'll just show you these pages.  I'm sure your readers are going haywire with all the pics in this post already.
Next, I took a sorta plain piece of paper, cut it to size, and glued it to the front & back of the book.  I wanted something with a little flair, but plain enough that I could embellish the front however I chose and not have it clash.
Then, I took a piece of AWESOME patterned paper, cut it to size, and put these pieces on the inside covers.  Seriously peeps, how amazing did this turn out?!  I LOVE this paper!!!!
For the outside cover, like I said, I wanted to be able to embellish without clashing, so this is what I came up with.  Fun, amiright????  These pieces were all parts of 12x12 papers, and I just cut out the ones I wanted, and clued them on the covers.  Then, I took a piece of Washi tape which had a music staff on it (as a former music student, I cannot pass up anything with music on it), added that to the front.  Then, I took this awesome British-themed stamp set I got at Joann's for $1 (yes, $1), and used a couple of them on the covers in random spots to add just a lil' something that it needed for that extra spunk.
Into the YourStory machine it goes to get glued & bound.....
And voila!!!  This is the front cover....
.....and the back!!!  Brilliant!!!
There you have it, folks!!  A wonderful keepsake for the bride-to-be which lists all the gifts she received, which she can also use (so long as you put enough pieces of paper inside) to write down all the gift she gets for the wedding.  Or to tally up the cash.  Semantics.
After it was all said and done, and people were filing in to the dining room to get coffee, tea, and dessert, I presented Sis with the book.  I think by her reaction I did a good thing ;-)
That wraps up "gift list book" day, folks!!  I hope you enjoyed today's installment of Bridal Shower Week!!!  Tune in tomorrow when I'll show you the favors!!!  Woop woop!!!
Much love ~~~~