My sewing machine and I are bff's.

So many cards, so little time.

Last night I left work and went straight to the accountant's office so I could file my tax return, only to get there and realize I forgot THE most important documents -- my W2 (I mean, really.  Who forgets this.) and the 1098 for my mortgage insurance.  I had every other single document.  Except them. 
So, I left with a homework assignment: get them and send them to the accountant.  Like, tomorrow.  ASAP.  Stat.  
I felt so stupid.  I couldn't believe it.  Oh well.  Nothing I could do about it at the time, so I'll just have to scan them today and send them off.  
After I gathered all the appropriate docs and put them right into my canvas tote that I carry to/from work with very important things such as my change of shoes and my hearty lunch, I ran up to my craft room.  It's not often I have an extra hour lingering about at night during the week to do much of anything, so up I went!
I'd been waiting for some time to cure these pots that I'd painted.  Why, you ask??  Because I painted the bottom of them with CHALKBOARD PAINT.  Holy fun in a garden basket!!!  OMG.  I saw this idea on Pinterest (but for the life of me cannot find it again, so please, please, please, if you pin this picture, PLEASE credit the original source.), and as soon as I saw it, I knew I HAD to do it.
I had to "cure" the chalkboard paint with actual chalk before using my new favorite thing -- chalk paint pens.  These are amazing.  They go on wet, and then dry like chalk.  You remove what you wrote with water, and viola!!  Good as new and ready for whatever you decide to put in them next!  I think this is an amazingly cute way to remind you what seeds you started in your kitchen window before transplanting them to your garden -- it beats the heck outta those silly little tags you stick in the soil and they get all ruined and just...ugh.  Way cuter and prettier and funner.  Yes, I just made up a word, but you're over it, b/c these pots are awesome :-) 
This also solidified my decision to paint one of the smaller walls in my craft room with chalkboard paint for those moments when I need to jot something down so I don't forget the fabulous idea I had, or to do sketches and such to keep me inspired.  
I need to quit my day job so I can play in my craft room all damn day.
What else could I be doing up there?  Only making these awesome thank-you notes for my lil' sis :-) (yes, these will go with the rest that I showed you all the other day in a big set that I'm making for her for either her wedding gifts or her shower gifts - whichever she chooses to use them for)
Seriously peeps.  I have so much fun doing this stuff.  I was talking to one of my friends about it last night, and made the decision to make a bunch and sell them in my (currently vacant) etsy shop.   So, keep an eye out for upcoming announcements about when I add stuff in there!  Who knows - you may even see some of my handmade sewing projects pop up in there, too ;-)
The fun doesn't stop there, folks.  It continues right on with the other half of Danielle's wedding gift.
Rather than throw out her invitation, I put it to good use!  After I took this, I added glitter accents (yes, glitter), and roses in the bottom left corner.  I'm waiting for a pic to come in so I can replace the upside down one I placed in the bottom right for placement.  Fun, amiright??  :-)
Alright my crafty & stitchy friends.  I'm off to bed.  Insomnia parked itself for a visit the past week, so hopefully it's done with me and has moved onto its next victim.  I need sleep, dagnabit!!
May you all have a creative crafty day :-)
Much love ~ ~ ~