An omgsupercute scrapbook album...from scratch!!!
Bridal Shower Favors: Part One

March "Word Play"

It's finished!!  Well, I finished the stitching...but I haven't actually done the finish work on it yet.  
Isn't that always the way, though??  We all stitch all these beautiful pieces, and then they end up all in a flat pile (to avoid creases and being ruined, of course) waiting to be properly finished.  
I'm really trying to finish all the pieces I do, even though it's so hard to keep up, especially when SO many cute new patterns come out which you HAVE to have.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a perpetual starter.  I finish the stitching on all the projects, I just seem to stop there.  I don't make them into ornaments.  I don't frame them.  I don't make them into little smalls.   I just start a new project.  
I need to get better at this.
There she is!!  March "Word Play"!!  I love the fibers used for the clovers -- it's called School Yard from CC, and it's a blend of green and brown.  So cool.  The keys that seem to be making an appearance in all of these graphs are so cool.  They remind me of big, iron skeleton keys that would be used back in like, the middle ages or something, to open a cell door in the Tower of London.  
Yes, that's where my mind goes.  Medieval England.  I can't help it.  That period of European history totally fascinates me.
I digress....
This is kinda bright, but I wanted to give you a close-up of some of the stitching.  Like I've said before, I'm totally in love with this series.  I've been working on them in between putting stitches in the big, big project I'm working on.  No sneak peeks on that till the summer.  Just me talking about it.  And I'm not even really talking about it, I'm just mentioning it.  Again.  I don't want you to think I'm not stitching with all of the crazy scrapbooking and cardmaking i've been doing.  Fear not -- my needle and thread have been close to me at all times.  I just can't reveal what I'm working on.
I'm sorry -- but those lambs are SO stinkin' cuteeeeee!!!!!!!  Love them.  LOVE.
I find that there's always one thing in these graphs that just makes me love them even more.  In the February one, it was the flowers.  In this one, it's the lambies.  Who knows which one in "April" will speak to me!
That's all I have for today, dear stitchers!!!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  Mine will be filled with first bday parties and wedding/bridal shower goodies.
Until next week, happy stitching!!!
~~~~ J