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An omgsupercute scrapbook album...from scratch!!!

Holy crap, you guys.  Holy crap.  
Ok.  So.  I don't know if any of you stitchers out there are scrapbookers, and if you're not, I apologize for boring you to tears with the cards and scrapbooking that I do, but it's just so fun and I have to share it all!!!!
Now, don't even ask me how I did, because I don't remember even a little, but I stumbled upon this amazing scrapbook designer, Heidi Swapp.  She's super cool. I may have seen something about her on My Craft Channel, but I honest to God don't remember how I found out about her, but I'm glad I did!
One quick thing - if you haven't checked out My Craft Channel, you should.  There are tons of great designers giving awesome tutorials on there.  Bonus.
Back to the story -- I saw on Heidi's website that she was going to be doing a tutorial for this adorbs little scrapbook album with a magnetic closure.  Yup.  Magnets, my friends.  
Ok.  See that flap on the right?  The purple part?  Magnets under there and on the cover keep it in place.  
But guess what?
The magnets are hidden.
This is the album (which is 8x8, btdubs) with the flap open.  Where are the magnets????  Good question.  The answer, however, is a secret.
This is the inside of the front cover and the first page.  Holy cow I need a manicure like WHOA.  I just now noticed that.  Disgraceful.
Samples of two of the inside pages.  I do like my ring, though.  Good choice, Jack.  Good choice.  Still need that mani, though.....
And this is the back cover -- you can see the flap on the right.  So stinkin' cool!!  Naturally, I couldn't resist the paper with music on it :-)
Heidi, in her super awesome tutorial (scroll down to the second season -- it's in two parts, called "Magnetic Book"), shows you a way to make an invisible binding, in addition to giving step-by-step directions on how to create this book with the magnetic closure.  I, however, decided to utilize the fabulous YourStory machine that I got recently (at a superduper discount, I might add) to actually glue the pages in.  So, I saved myself a few steps, but I may try that invisible binding sometime, too, because I'm definitely doing this book again.
There is absolutely a learning curve with this -- I had the video on my phone while I was at my project table trying to do this.  I had to keep pausing and rewinding to see some stuff, but I think I finally got it all down.  I think I did a pretty bang-up job the first go-around though, don't you??  
OH --- I forgot to mention --- sandwiched between the cool paper I chose for the covers, is a piece of chipboard to help keep it sturdy.  
All I have to do at this point is figure out what I'm going to use the album for, get some embellishments, and go to town with all the doo-dads!!!  Yesss!!!!  
That's it for today!!  Be sure to go see the wonderful things Heidi has to offer on her site (she has great products that recently came out, too, if you're a scrapper)!!!  
Go forth and be crafty!!