Huh. So...that's done already...

Simple "Thank You" notes

Hello all!!  You know I couldn't possibly go and entire weekend without doing something scrapbooking related.  
Today I want to share some SUPER easy "thank you" notes that I made to send to my fam for the faboo gifts they gave me for Christmas.  I know, I know, I'm a little late, but better late than never, right???
Ok planned scrapbooking/papery event in my house is complete without at least a walk through Paper Source.  When I was there last weekend getting the supplies for my sister's "Save the Date" cards, I saw a FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS new color called "Aubergine".  Oh, hello new color.  How I love thee.  Not only is it in the purple family (we all know my thoughts on purple!!!  well, as long as it's not barney purple and it's covering an entire wall in one of the rooms of my third floor, and then sponge/rag painted on top of a white base all over the remaining walls.  ahem......), but it's Paper Source's only textured paper!!  Oh, it's awesome.  LOVE. 
Mkay so.....I scouted out the Aubergine line last week, and this past Friday, decided to head on over and see what I could pick up for these thank you's I had buzzing around in my head.  Way back in March of last year, when I went to the opening of the Walnut Street Store, I saw a demo of a really cool idea.  Take a chalk stamp pad, and use IT as your stamp to create a color background.  Stay with me...then take another stamp, and ink it with regular ink, and stamp it on top of the chalk background you just created.  Viola!!!!  Magic!!!
Let's go through it....
Ok, so here are all my stamps and inks --
Yay!!  Ok - I forgot to take a pic of them, but the cards I got are #10 Paper Bag, and the envelopes are Aubergine.  I picked Paper Bag over Khaki because the Paper Bag ones actually have flecks of color throughout.  Way cool.'s the first step:  take your ink and make a color background:
Boom.  Next, take another stamp, ink it with a contrasting color (I used Frost White), and stamp it on top of the color block, like so:
Nifty, amiright???!!  The little "thank you" stamp was inked with the same chalk ink (Blackberry) as the background for the "j".  I took that stamp and put it in a different spot for each one - so some people have the thank you on the right in a spot, others have it on the left.  Gotta keep  'em all on their toes ;-)
The flap of the envelope I stamped with the "do something creative everyday" stamp that I got from Paper Source (all the stamps used for this project were purchased there, actually), because I FIRMLY believe that we should all do something creative every day.  I have a highly technical job, and I just have to dump all that stuff at the door when I leave, and turn my left brain on in full force, so that when I get home, I can fully engage it and either cross stitch, scrapbook, sew, or whatever!  It's such a great thing to be able to do that, and we all need to make time for it every day!!!
I digress...
I took the "do something creative..." stamp, inked it with Frost White, and then covered it with clear embossing powder to emboss it.  I'm not sure how I like it, to be honest.  I should have stamped it with a Versamark ink pad and embossed it with white powder instead, so it would be more vibrant white against the Aubergine...but oh well.  Ya live & learn, right??  :-)
That's it!!  Your 'thank you's' are all done!!  This project might be the quickest one I've done to date -- it only took me a whopping 30 minutes from start to finish, including clean-up!!  I'd say that's pretty daggone good!!!  haha!
That's all I have for today, crafters!  Have a fabulous Monday, and do something creative today!!!!!
Much love :-)