Huh. So...that's done already...

"Save the Date"

Hello my friends!  It has been a whirlwind of a week, complete with stitching and much papercrafting in this house!
I'm almost done the Prairie Schooler "Winter" that I showed you a few days ago (or has it been a week already...I seriously can't keep track...), but today's post isn't about stitching.
It's about cardmaking.
My sister is getting married in June, and way back when, I offered to do "Save the Date" cards for her if she wanted to send them out.  Well, she took me up on the offer, and today was the day that we decided to sit and get it all done!  It took a solid 5 (yes, 5) hours to do them, but they're all done and ready for mailing!
I had so much fun coming up with the idea, and I'm so glad she liked them :-)
Our bridesmaid's dresses are a granite color (in fact, i think that might actually be the color name), and sis wants us all in yellow shoes (funky, right?!  i see a trip to South Street in the very near future for some bangin' yellow pumps!! ha!), so I thought that we should continue that trend with the "save the dates" and came up with this:
Now, the background is more cream than yellow, but I didn't want it to be too bright on the front and take away from the stamp.  Fun, amiright??  These are 4-bar flat cards in Slate from one of my most favvvvorite places to go - Paper Source.  They're not very big, in fact I think they're the smallest card they sell, but they were perfect for what we needed them.  The above picture is the front side of the card.  Below is the back:
Now THIS is where the fun yellow comes into play!!  My flower stamp and little yellow & grey flower adornments.  Yayyy!  We had a regular assembly line going in my craft room today - I cut everything down to the correct sizes, and then we all set to work gluing and sticking and stamping and adorning so that we could just plow through everything and all sis had to do was go home and print labels!  Viola!!  In the blank space, we wrote all of the information (well, sis and cuz did that while I hole-punched and adorned), and they turned out just super cute :-)
It's not done there, though!  As most of you know by now, I have this love affair with my envelope liner templates that I got from, you guessed it, Paper Source.  Seriously  So, all of the envelopes are lined with pretty black/grey/yellow paper, much like the one in this pic -
All of the envelopes have a different lining, and all of the cards have a different black/white themed back paper on the front (the one under the cream).  So, even though all the recipients won't know that theirs is different from everyone else's, we know, and it makes it that much more special :-)
That's it for this afternoon, my wonderful crafty stitchy friends!  I thank all of you for following me and all the crazy crafty things that I do!  I hope to inspire you all as I have been inspired by so many here in the blogosphere!!!
Hugs and stitches :-)