Happy New Year!

Ok...I might be a day late...but you're over it.  Ha!  I don't know how it happened, but here we are in 2012 all of the sudden.  Is everyone ready for Armageddon?  I am.  I have 1400 soaps that I got at Bath and Body Works when they had one of their fab promos and stocked up.  Anyone looking to wash up after the battle of good and evil, just stop on over my house.  I also have enough cross stitch projects to keep us all occupied until the shops open up again.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I've started the new year pretty ok.  I finally cleared off my desk, which is a giant glass table, and now only have one computer on it and infinite amounts of space for all my Post-its, etc.  Wait, what?  Only one computer on my desk now??  Ah, yup.  Remember way back when in the summer when I was having horrific computer problems and then finally went and got myself a pretty iMac at the beginning of September???  Welp, my shell of a crashed computer has been sitting on top of my desk alongside my pretty new iMac since the day I brought it home.
BUT, I can explain.  There initially was a definite need -- I had to transfer my entire iTunes music library to my new computer.  That was fun and exciting, let me tell you.  However, the thought of losing all my music and having to manually reload all of my CDs into the new computer was daunting. I figured out how to do it pretty painlessly, and got all of my music transferred.
Then, my old computer never moved.  Weird.
So, today, I finally couldn't take it anymore, and cleaned up my desk, threw a bunch of sh-- away, and took my old computer to the 3rd floor for storage.  Since, you know, some day someone somewhere that I know will need an antiquated hard drive and a flat screen monitor to go with it.
I also finally took pics of my "Skeleton Crew" piece for you all to see!  It was brought to my attention that the link I previously provided to my LNS newsletter was no longer working, so I knew I had to get this posted asap for you all.
IMG_3869 OMG.  It is seriously one of my favorite pieces that I've done to date.  My Miribilia pieces win hands down, but this is a close third.  Second is "Sleepy Hollow".   I can't wait to have this framed and ready for Halloween this year!!  So cool.
CREEPY.  I would NOT want this thing coming at me in the water.  No  thank you and good day.
But seriously.  Totally cool piece, amiright???!?!  Like I said in my previous post, I made fiber changes in this piece, and if you want to know what I changed, hit the Floss and Fabric changes link under Pages on the left sidebar of my page.  If you need to order them and don't have a needlework shop near you, the ladies at my LNS, The Strawberry Sampler, are at the ready to help you.  Just call or email them and ask them for my changes to Skeleton Crew, and they'll get you the supplies asap. 
What am I working on now that I'm done that crazy piece??  Well, I started "Winter Wind" by Prairie Schooler, and I've got miscellaneous smalls floating around that I need to do the finish work on, including the needlebook that I finished eons ago.  I really need to spend some QT with my sewing machine sometime soon and get them all finished so I can display them. 
I think that's it for now.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and are ready to start fresh this year!  I know I am!  So much stuff I want to do and so little time!! :-)
Love and stitches ~