Give Thanks.
So much to little time....

Ta Da!!

Ok so...I'm finally able to post a pic of the apron I made for my lil' sis for her birthday :-)

The best part?  She said when she opened it, that she just said to herself that she could use an apron!  Perfect timing by big sis!! :-)


I cropped the pic - I'm sure she'd kill me for posting the entire thing, since she's got a silly look on her face ;-) a-dor-able are those ruffles?!!?  I had so much fun sewing this!!  The fabric colors turned out faboooo for a bright and cheery apron!!  I may just have to make more and post them to my etsy store which has all of, you know, nothing, in it right now.  Oh wait, there's a cross stitch pattern I'm trying to unload that no one else seems to want either.  (le sigh)

It's gonna be a rainy dreary day in go forth and be crafty and creative!!